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I Missed My Follow Friday Again

I don’t usually do #FF. I have and I sincerely do recommend the people I #FF but I guess I just don’t have the time to make the lists. Besides, if you do, certain Twitter gods then start tweeting generically to the masses that the list is forbidden or the list doesn’t help or they don’t gain people by getting a #FF anyway.Then I feel all "Oh crap I’ve once again upset the Twitter gods and am going about the Twitter all wrong again, not to say there’s a wrong but if they Tweet generically but I think it’s to me then…" You get my point.

I don’t really thing of #FF that way. I have grown more into thinking of them as a pat on the back, a “thank you for chatting with me,” a “hello, I’m glad to see your tweets,” and maybe even a “thank God I have your thoughts to read so I don’t feel so crazy in my own life while laughing hysterically at your misfortune and daily struggles, just sayin.”

Then there’s the threat of leaving someone out. Did I offend one of my friends for not naming them? Did I #FF this person last week? Do I list several in a tweet or get more specific? Did I upset any one for how I described them when I was specific? Did I forget my Hubs? Do I need to #FF my Hubs every stinking week or is it just assumed that you all can figure out that I would pretty much recommend him to any one to follow cause he makes people spit out their coffee when he post twit pics of his funny faces? You see how demanding this can be?

Anywho, just for this week, below are some #FF I’ve been thinking of today. This list/post/group of Tweeps is not all inclusive. My Disclaimer shall tell you that this is just another post. There will be more. And don’t be so damn sensitive. (Pot calling the Kettle there)

@bgniko You didn’t read paragraph three, did you?

@SLHamilton rocks because she was out on a date with her Hubs last night and for one night (and I hope many many more to come) she is not a Cancer Patient. She is a wife, a Mom, and a friend and needs to LIVE that way!

@EpicNancyLee is the Big Sister I never had. I have learned so much over the two years I have grown to love her and wonder how I got along with out her.

@MamaPhan is the Little Sister I never had. I am blessed to have been the experienced Mom when it came to NICU knowledge & the thoughts that maybe I helped her through such a difficult time (even a tiny bit) makes my heart swell with pride.

@BoxOfChocolates is the amazing teacher I always dreamed of being. I’m thinking my kiddos will be choice schooled for Fifth Grade just to have her as their teacher. And, if only we could move closer and sit our bums on the beach together more often.

@bwelchp & @debraZERO have picked me up more times than I can count when I have needed a shoulder to cry on. They never let me down.

@TheRealClint needs no #FF.Doesn’t everyone know him by now?

@BellaVistaTratt because Oh MY have you tasted the love and goodness of Candace and Nunzio’s kitchen not to mention their huge hearts? Once you’ve met them, you’re Family. Big ole, take a bit of their dessert, taste from their wine glass and pass it around the table, get up and get your own refill kinda, Italian Family.

@SmallBizPhil is THE brains behind almost every big idea in Delaware. He needs to hire a crew just to pick his brain even while he sleeps. The man wakes up with damn good ideas for goodness sake!

@SouthernStacey is carrying the next little Phil and OMG that is going to be a challenge. We all know what a great Mom she already is and can’t wait to see the Slide Show she and Hubby have created to explain to the baby how he entered the world. I mean, he’s going ask on like, day 2, at least.

@EpicDon is the most gracious Uncle Don to my Kiddos. I am amazed every time we are together how patient, caring, and protective he is with them. He is the definition of gentleman.

@SimonHayHealer across a couple of oceans lives a man with a heart the size of the world. No matter the time of day or night, when you reach out, he reaches out. He holds you in his thoughts and Prayers and provides comfort you never knew existed.

@karamat is the most positive, forward, onward & upward thinking woman I know. Faced with challenges, they are merely speed bumps in the way of her dreams. She makes it happen. Just ask the TWO babies in her belly.

@ScottSassone is on my list out of pure jealousy. Not only does he see the Celtics, and the Red Sox, and the Bruins, and everyone else near and dear to my heart closer to the Cape than I’ll ever live, but he’s beside @karamat’s side through such an awesome ride. And don’t ever let him fool you, he’s a whiz at Flash Cards.

@Nantucket68 is a girl after my own heart, my fellow Cape Codder relocated. Someday, girl, some day.

@pixxiedust84 What a gal! We are long lost twins. I see myself in so much of her. Half of it scares me. Well, maybe more like 60/40. A beautiful young woman coming into her own and making her stand in the world. She has amazing things coming her way. I see it in her heart when she’s with my kiddos.

There you have it. Just a few to start. Read my disclaimer again. 🙂 Happy (day after) Follow Friday.